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Saves your time

With our matured Support-Management processes you're *almost* always served by the first available specialist and not just by our 1st-line support staff.

Well tested solutions

The services you receive (whether bespoke or not) will be based on the best of Commercial or commercially-mature Open-Source platforms.

Elastic contracts yet uncompromised Quality of Service

Pay-as-you-grow, expand-as-you-need. Always adjust to your business needs and not our sales targets!

24/7/365 Switched ON

Know that even if you don't have the 24/7 support package from us we do operate this you can sleep at night!

About Us

``The more you know, the more you realize you don't know``... ARISTOTLE

Who we are

Logic Thinker was a long standing vision of several IT professionals working in various companies and who wanted to break-free from their boring continuous office-based life and enrich it with a more balanced one.
For most this was somehow prohibited as the working standards always assumed “the office space” as a De-Facto standard place of work. The advancement of IT & Telecoms technology and more recently the “COVID-19 Pandemic Era” changed everything...

The result was that the long-registered domain had to be put in action...

IT User Support
Emails and Web Services
Virtual IT Department Running & Management

Logic Thinker Services

( though this is not a full list!!! )

IT User Support

From “no-frills” on-demand user IT Support all the way up to Fully Managed IT Services of your business. Services range from Strategy, Planning, Project Management to Implementation, Maintenance and Remote Monitoring. We have you covered. Period.

Emails and Web Services

EMAIL: From single-mailbox accounts to several thousands, with or without added advanced features such as Antispam, Antivirus & Email Archive (for retention). All in the Cloud
WEB: From the smallest site to cluster-based load-balanced sites. One size does not fit all!

IT Security & Backup Services

Have you been hacked? You don’t WANT to be hacked? Have you lost data? You don’t trust a user? Do you agree that prevention is better than cure? If you answered yes to any of those…contact us!

Telecoms (VoIP)

Can you answer your business landline on your mobile, while you’re out or even abroad without divert costs? Can you receive a voicemail attached as audio in your mailbox? Do you pay expensive rates for your calls? Do you work from multiple locations? If you answered yes to any of those…drop us a line! 😉

Logic Thinker Founders

(IT Veterans)

Logic Thinker's VISION is constantly under review. In fact, everyday we wake up realizing that it has been extended by as much as we learned the day before and by examining the potential implications, applications and so on.

An endless journey 🙂


We build and nurture
partnerships and synergies

If you belong into any of the categories below then feel free to contact us using the contact form or simply email us. Provide a brief description of what you represent and expect us to get back to you at the earliest possible!

  • Service Provider, SaaS Provider, Platform Provider
  • Connectivity Provider (all types)
  • Hardware/Software Vendor (IT/Telecoms etc)
  • Freelancer in IT, Data Networks, Security, Graphics Design, Software Developer

Do you believe in partnerships as well? If yes then...

Logic FAQ

Whether you are an individual (non business), a Start up business or a well establish company check the Q&As below. You may be surprised 😉

I'm an individual. Can I get IT Support from you?

In 99% of the cases the answer will be yes. Do however contact us with details of your requirements (i.e how do you use the computer or what for) and we will assign you a representative that mostly deals with individuals. Saying that, should your needs grow you will still have access to our more advanced products and services! 🙂

I'm setting up a Start up business. Can I get IT Support and Services from you?

In 99% of the cases the answer will be yes. Do however contact us with details of your requirements (i.e how does your business intends to operate, what resources are needed etc) and we will assign you a representative that mostly deals with start up businesses but also has access to senior partners 🧐 and can provide you with high quality expandable & future-proof solutions! 👍

Logic Thinker is a UK company. We are outside the UK. Can we still use your services?

In all cases we can provide everyone with Services that are delivered electronically. This includes services such as Domain Management, Emails and/or Web Hosting, Telephony and remote IT support amongst others. In cases where physical presence is required we might be able to suggest someone close to you. Contact us and we will take it from there with you on a 20-30 minute free consultation. 🙂

Is Logic Thinker multilingual?

All of our systems have English as the primary language and some of them may also have other popular languages. In terms of communicating with us however directly we currently support the following languages: English, French, German, Greek, Spanish and Urdu 🤠

We are a UK company and we want to outsource our IT department. Can you do that?

Being a company’s virtual IT department is one of our main specialities. Outsourcing a department is not an easy solution and can even lead to catastrophic results. It is not uncommon to see companies returning their IT back in-house. Our long-standing experience however has taught us all the pros and cons of such an operation hence we are aware which wrong turns to not take! We can discuss all this with you with on a free consultation and based on your type of business to advise you accordingly 🧐

On which locations do you have (or can provide) physical presence if needed?

So far the locations we have physical presence are: United Kingdom (London), Greece (Athens), Canary Islands (Tenerife). The locations in the brackets are the ones that we can physically service. We endeavour to expand even further in the near future. Please note that until COVID-19 goes to history books, we can only visit places that observe strict protocols of protection against the virus.

Logic Thinker Technologies

(not the full list)


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